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Products - Systems
Recessed modular indoor fixtures for installation in single or combined systems
Products - False ceiling - indoor recessed
Indoor fixtures to be recessed in a mounting surface(for example panel ceilings, structures or plasterboard)
Products - Indoor surface mounted
Indoor fixtures to be surface mounted (for example Ceiling or Wall)
Products - Power supply and control units
Independent supply unit which ensures the proper operation of appliances without internal gears.
Products - Floodlights
Outdoor fixtures with more or less narrow beams for the lighting of areas or subjects
Products - Industrial lighting
High bay fittings for general lighting of industrial environments
Products - Watertight armor
Waterproof fixtures for lighting of industrial or civil environments
Products - Tunnel
Fixtures for lighting of the entry or interior area of tunnels
Products - Street lighting
Fixtures for lighting of motorized traffic or pedestrian streets
Products - Street furniture
Fixtures for lighting of the urban areas (streets, squares, parks, etc.)
Products - Outdoor lighting
Fixtures for lighting facades, gardens, etc.
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